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What is the Best Value Soap System for your Washroom?

Posted by garyfage on 28-May-2013 17:05:20

Everyone has a pet hate, mine at the moment happens to be the amount of money UK businesses waste on Soap systems in their washrooms. A recent blog on this site by Health & Safety expert Keith Roser highlighted the quite incredible amount of money businesses are prepared to spend on Branded Soap.

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Cleaning Chemical Range wins Tomorrow's FM Product Award

Posted by garyfage on 21-Feb-2013 06:34:34

The Jangro Contract Range has been awarded Tomorrow’s FM Product & Services Award 2013 in the new product and services category

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Leading Skin Care Company Deb Announces 6.5% Price Increase

Posted by Gary Fage on 29-Oct-2012 05:20:00

Deb the world’s leading skin care system company has just announced a 6.5% price increase as from the 1stof January 2013.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Diamond Floor Pads

Posted by Gary Fage on 25-Oct-2012 04:46:00

Diamond Floor Pads are engineered for use without harmful and costly chemicals.

The Advantages of using Diamond Floor Pads are:

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Cutting the Cost of Paper Hand Towels

Posted by garyfage on 09-Aug-2012 17:44:06

Know Your Hand Towels

There is a bewildering array of hand towels on the market today and most people including myself find it very difficult to distinguish one towel from another. Although slightly confused about the difference between a Zig-Zag and a V –Fold, I am total confident that about the fact that buying the wrong towels could be costing both your company and the environment dearly.

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Cleaning contractors could gain commercial advantage by stating CHSA compliance in tender documents

Posted by garyfage on 24-Jul-2012 06:59:16

Our industry has been riddled with confusing product explanations and untruthful claims on packaging, literature, websites and verbally in presentations. This applies especially to paper and washroom products.

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Housekeeping Products

Posted by garyfage on 11-Jul-2012 10:07:12

Professional Housekeeping Products Don't Have to Cost a Fortune

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A New Simple Innovation Can Cut Mopping Costs by up to 40%

Posted by garyfage on 31-May-2012 06:54:55
Traditional Dolly Mop

A substantial part of the cost of producing these products is the metal or plastic mop holder that attaches to the mop pole. Whereas the cotton or cloths strands that are responsible for cleaning do eventually ware out, the mop holder will normally remain intact.

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Soap Opera - Kimberly Clark Has the World Gone Completely Mad or am I Missing Something?

Posted by garyfage on 23-May-2012 16:34:47


Keith Roser

I am today pleased to feature Guest Blogger Keith Roser , NEBOSH qualified health and safety consultant and HSE approved first aid trainer, performance management coach and self-proclaimed opponent of corporate arrogance, who talks about the price of soap.

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5 Ways to Save Money and Improve your Customers Washroom Experience.

Posted by Gary Fage on 20-May-2012 12:48:00

A washroom that you can share with confidence is good for your business. Your customers feel appreciated and keep coming back. Your employees and guests stay well and refreshed. Friendly washroom solutions are all about sensibility. And sensibility is about the details: details, which are important for everyone from washroom guests and cleaning staff to washroom designers and builders. With so many products on the market knowing which products and systems can help you achieve this is not easy. This Blog is intended to point out some of the most efficient and cost effective solutions currently available and also point out some of the pitfalls you may face.

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