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How Can I Clean a Floor? - Part 1

Posted by Gary Fage on 05-Jan-2014 08:21:00

This is part 1 of a 3 part series designed to help contractors overcome some of the problems associated with commercial floorcare and floor maintenance. A professional guide to floorcare.

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How Do Cleaning Products Work - Part 2 Overview of Surfactants

Posted by Gary Fage on 25-Sep-2013 06:36:00

This is the second in a series of 4 Blogs in which we will be looking at how cleaning agents work and examining the range of different categories of cleaning agents, each of which performs a specific role in the overall cleaning regime.

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New Seminar - Online Training for Cleaning Operatives, London 5th September

Posted by garyfage on 27-Aug-2013 07:27:21

The Jangro Learning Management System (LMS) incorporates a fully interactive suite of training and information modules, available over the Internet or direct to your Apple iOS, Blackberry or Android device via a simple to use Jangro app.

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Free Online Training for Cleaners

Posted by garyfage on 28-Jan-2013 06:31:40

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How to Effectively Use 3M Diamond Floor Pads

Posted by garyfage on 12-Nov-2012 16:50:23

1. The Scotch-Brite™ Sienna Diamond Floor Pad is a premium quality floor maintenance pad, made of high quality synthetic fibre, with abrasive particles, including high quality synthetic diamonds, bonded with a durable resin to the non-woven pad.
(Special Feature: The non-printed dark, bottom side of pad is the work surface.)

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A New Free Resource Available to the UK Cleaning & Housekeeping Industry

Posted by garyfage on 07-Jul-2012 08:43:15

New from Jangro is the 2012, 176 page full colour illustrated product catalogue, the biggest to date. It contains nearly 4,000 products including 1,150 new lines and is the most comprehensive illustrated product directory in the industry.

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