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Additional Environmental Accreditation for Paper Manufacturer

Posted by Gary Fage on 21-Sep-2012 14:31:00

Metsä Group paper manufacturer has been awarded an FSC group certificate that covers the forests in Finland owned by the Group companies. At present, the FSC group certificate granted to Metsä Group covers around 35,000 hectares.

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What are the Environmental Credentials of Your Tissue Supplier?

Posted by Gary Fage on 31-Mar-2012 08:02:00

Recently WWF has published the results of its second WWF Environmental Paper Company Index, a rating of paper producers on their global ecological footprint. WWF ranked Metsä Tissue (Katrin) as the best in the category of public Corporate Responsibility reporting and Environmental Management Systems. Metsä Tissue achieved an impressive result of 86% of the maximum score in this category. The second best tissue producer scored 78%. These results go hand in hand with Katrin’s hygiene spreads success philosophy and emphasize the importance of sustainability issues in our company.

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Honesty in the Washroom

Posted by Gary Fage on 19-Jan-2011 11:05:00

When Jangro recently announced that each of its 40 outlets had joined the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), it was just one of many ways in which our Membership of independent janitorial suppliers could actively show its desire to put some professionalism into the washroom business and expose the paper product cheats.

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Kimberley Clarke Announce A 5% Price Increase in Paper

Posted by Gary Fage on 07-Aug-2010 13:43:00

Further to my posting in April, Kimberly Clarke have now followed most other paper manufacturers and posted a 5% price increase on all proffesional products as from the 1st of September, but are these increases really justified?

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Rising Paper Prices Impact the UK

Posted by Gary Fage on 27-Apr-2010 18:45:00

Serious Earthquakes across the world have seen pulp paper prices increase dramatically over the last few months. Market leader in environmental paper products and owner of the Katrin Brand, Metsa Tissue report that some 7% of the global pulp market will be shutdown in the medium term. While SCA claim that it’s nearer 10%.

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