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Most of us are well aware of the risks involved in putting potentially hazardous cleaning materials and equipment in the hands of untrained personnel. Even with the increasing amount of environmentally aware products, there remain far too many accidents with chemicals, electrical equipment and lack of awareness of health and safety procedures.

Jangro has always offered a range of customer training packages including a DVD, training manuals, video and PowerPoint presentations,  wall charts and certificates. However we now have 10 online training courses which you can access free of charge by entering our special voucher code, see below. 

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An Introduction to Cleaning and Cleaning Specifications – Part II

The standard of cleaning required within any establishment will depend primarily on the needs of the customer. As you can appreciate, the needs of different customers will differ from building to building. Indeed, the cleaning needs will normally change from area to area within the same building and affect the cleaning specifications.

It is generally accepted throughout the industry that there are five standards used. The following table will give you a better understanding of the standards required and how each is applied, depending on the area cleaned:

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How to Freshen Up Office Carpets Quickly

Wet, cold, dirty – that’s the state of the streets this time of year. It means deep soiling to office and leisure area carpets that’s more difficult to remove come the next scheduled extraction clean. If only there was a way of keeping them looking good a few weeks after a big clean and help reduce time and effort spent on the next one?

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Microfibre - Whats all the Fuss?

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre is a revolutionary fabric which is extremely effective for cleaning in almost every scenario imaginable. For this reason they have become the cleaning and polishing cloth of choice in all areas of the cleaning industry, replacing traditional woven cloths and dusters. They are produced in a wide-range of colours and can be used in conjunction with your own colour-­coded cleaning regime.

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How Do Cleaning Products Work - Part 2 Overview of Surfactants

This is the second in a series of 4 Blogs in which we will be looking at how cleaning agents work and examining the range of different categories of cleaning agents, each of which performs a specific role in the overall cleaning regime.

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How do Cleaning Products Work? - 5 Things You Should Know


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New Seminar - Online Training for Cleaning Operatives, London 5th September

The Jangro Learning Management System (LMS) incorporates a fully interactive suite of training and information modules, available over the Internet or direct to your Apple iOS, Blackberry or Android device via a simple to use Jangro app.

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