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Environmental Cleaning Products are Great if they Actually Work

Posted by Gary Fage on 24-Feb-2015 11:38:35

There are many considerations to make when choosing environmental cleaning products for a specific application. The W.E.I.R. system is designed to help the user take into account environmental impact issues in their selection process, including raw materials, the manufacturing process and even packaging. 

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Environmental Range of Cleaning Chemicals - New Video

Posted by Gary Fage on 23-Apr-2013 05:06:00

New video displaying Jangro's environmental range of cleaning products:

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Stripping without Chemicals has a Positive Environmental Effect

Posted by Gary Fage on 10-Nov-2012 14:06:00

No Chemical Strippers Needed

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Additional Environmental Accreditation for Paper Manufacturer

Posted by Gary Fage on 21-Sep-2012 14:31:00

Metsä Group paper manufacturer has been awarded an FSC group certificate that covers the forests in Finland owned by the Group companies. At present, the FSC group certificate granted to Metsä Group covers around 35,000 hectares.

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EU Ecolabel Certification for Soap Manufacturer

Posted by garyfage on 15-Sep-2012 07:19:01

Most people accept the importance of ensuring products comply with eco-friendly procedures and standards. Customers today are more sensitive to the protection of the environment – four out of five European consumers would like to buy more environmentally friendly products, provided they are properly certified by an independent organisation. Having the EU Ecolabel on Rubbermaid’s products answers customer’s high expectations, guaranteeing a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility.

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Recycling - Have Rubbermaid got this completely wrong?

Posted by garyfage on 28-Apr-2012 19:42:02

Practical guide to set up your recycling programme

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What are the Environmental Credentials of Your Tissue Supplier?

Posted by Gary Fage on 31-Mar-2012 08:02:00

Recently WWF has published the results of its second WWF Environmental Paper Company Index, a rating of paper producers on their global ecological footprint. WWF ranked Metsä Tissue (Katrin) as the best in the category of public Corporate Responsibility reporting and Environmental Management Systems. Metsä Tissue achieved an impressive result of 86% of the maximum score in this category. The second best tissue producer scored 78%. These results go hand in hand with Katrin’s hygiene spreads success philosophy and emphasize the importance of sustainability issues in our company.

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The P-Wave Urinal Screen - Kills the Bacteria that Causes Bad Odour

Posted by garyfage on 19-Feb-2012 05:57:11

Why would you want to use a urinal deodoriser is a very good question, and why use the P-Wave?

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GCI is Coming to London

Posted by garyfage on 09-Feb-2012 08:18:37

Guest Blogger Dave Thompson, President of the Green Clean Institute specialising in "Face to Face" certification and instruction. Dave's goal is to lead the Green Clean Institute toward becoming the premier educational resource for Green Cleaning in the world. Dave has very kindly agreed to be our second Guest Blogger and we are very proud to have someone of his vast experience, just prior to his first visit to the UK.

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Environmental Cleaning Products

Posted by Gary Fage on 25-Jan-2012 17:51:00

We have used and abused the environment through the industrial revolution and employed bad working habits for centuries. Today we pay the price with large areas of land unsuitable for habitation by crops or human life. Thousands of acres of land need total cleansing. Rivers had become dumping grounds, waste chemicals and oil have poured down the sink and only in the last couple of decade have we taken action to stop this industrial vandalism.

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