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A Colour Coding System and Infection Control for Cleaners - Part II

Posted by Gary Fage on 27-Feb-2013 05:40:00

This is part 2 of this 5 part series in which we will deal with additional control methods and the chain of infection. Part 1 dealt with the Source of Bacteria and Soil Prevention

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Topics: Health & Safety, 3M, Dealing with Hazardous Materials, Infection Control, Colour Coding

How to Effectively Use 3M Diamond Floor Pads

Posted by garyfage on 12-Nov-2012 16:50:23

1. The Scotch-Brite™ Sienna Diamond Floor Pad is a premium quality floor maintenance pad, made of high quality synthetic fibre, with abrasive particles, including high quality synthetic diamonds, bonded with a durable resin to the non-woven pad.
(Special Feature: The non-printed dark, bottom side of pad is the work surface.)

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Stripping without Chemicals has a Positive Environmental Effect

Posted by Gary Fage on 10-Nov-2012 14:06:00

No Chemical Strippers Needed

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3M Claim Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector Can Cut Maintenance Costs By Up To 85%

Posted by garyfage on 23-Oct-2011 09:09:59

3M say that their new Scotchgard Stone Protector can cut your maintenance costs on stone floors to 1/6th of your present costs. Furthermore if you are currently buffing on a daily basis you should be able to reduce this to weekly. Apparently the product will never need stripping again, which has huge potential for additional savings.

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3M Floor Pad That Strips Polish Without Chemicals

Posted by garyfage on 06-May-2011 14:49:51

3M claim they have a new floor pad -SPP which strips floor polish without chemicals. Strippers are some of the worst polluting products on the market and if this is true it represents a major step forward in reducing the amount of damage done to the environment during the cleaning process.

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