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Get your stylish new Katrin Inclusive Dispensers! Absolutely free!

Posted by Jasmin Panzid-Foster on 22-Feb-2016 15:22:36

Katrin Inclusive Dispensers- Designed for Everyone!

I don’t often single out one manufacturer but I have to tell you that I am really excited about the release of Katrin’s new stylish range of washroom dispensers, designed to take into account the needs of all users. . It is also  rare that we are able to offer such an attractive range of washroom dispensers, read on to find out more. 

Metsä, the manufacturers of the Katrin range have recently released their new range of 10 state-of-the-artKatrin Inclusive dispensers created in collaboration with both customers and industry experts. The dispensers were designed with the aim of making all of our lives easier and delivering a greater level of washroom hygiene. According to Katrin, the fundamental principle focussed on by the designers of the Inclusive range is ease of use- aiming to make washroom visits an easy and stress-free experience for people of all ages and abilities. Upon speaking to a member of the blind community it became clear that using the washroom can be a very stressful experience, with challenges such as being unsure how devices work and potentially knocking loose items, such as toilet roll, onto the floor. For visually impaired individuals it is very important that washrooms have secure, fixed and simple to use dispensers that can be located easily when finding their way using touch. Braille instructions can also help massively. Katrin inclusive can deliver this.

An awareness of the struggles that less able bodied people, as well as the young and the old, face when visiting the bathroom could really change the way a company comes across to its customers. Visiting a bathroom which actively works to reduce stress levels can leave customers, even subconsciously, feeling secure and cared for- enhancing the company’s brand and ethos.

With this in mind Metsä have ensured dispensers are stable and fix to the walls, even adding a transparent housing to make installation more efficient. The Inclusive range comes in two colours, black and white, meaning they stylishly fit into your washrooms and stand out against contrasting coloured walls ensuring they are easier to locate. Braille instructions have also been added to the “push faces” on devices, and soap dispensers have been fitted with a full-face push making them very simple to use.

The Inclusive range really does cater to everyone’s needs and includes a transparent side so it is possible to see when dispensers need refilling. In addition, your maintenance personnel will be pleased with how effortless re-filling the dispensers has become, using a single key for all dispensers in the range. This will leave staff members feeling more relaxed and ultimately make them more efficient.

The Inclusive Dispenser Range

These dispensers also cut down on wastage, making them highly economical and could save you both time and money. All the dispensers comply with EU regulations and adhere to the highest ethical standards with materials coming from responsible and sustainable sources. When dismantled they are easily recyclable and are made up of reusable ABS and polypropylene plastic.

Sounds great, right? Well, you could reap the benefits of these dispensers for free! I am very impressed with the attractive design of these dispensers and the efforts Metsä have made to make visits to your washrooms a pleasant experience for all. I also know how important it is for your customers to feel like their needs are being catered to. At Janitorial Express we are therefore offering a core set of washroom dispensers for free!


The Core Range


Click the link below and leave your details to receive the Katrin Inclusive brochure and find out more about how to claim your free dispensers. 


Download the Katrin Inclusive brochure 


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