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At last a battery-free washroom air-freshener, see the Microburst Lumecel

Posted by Gary Fage on 07-Nov-2016 15:04:25

The Basics-

  • Upgrade available for MicroBurst air fresheners that improves the longivity and is better for the environment. 
  • LumeCel absorbs energy from both natural and artificial lighting
  • Lasts a minimum of 15 years
  • Reduces costs for batteries
‘Eco-friendly’ is a term that now brings smiles to the faces of a majority of business owners all over the world. As you would expect, there seems to be correlation between the rise in awareness of our environment and the huge increase in the number of eco-products available today. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to tell just how innovative these products are, and whether they really do reduce damage to the environment. There is a new product however, that I really do think could revolutionise the way we approach bathroom hygiene. The Microburst air freshener dispenser is no new product as you probably know- the impressive part is the addition of LumeCel.



LumeCel is a rechargeable cell that replenishes it’s charge from both natural and artificial light! This eradicates the need for alkaline batteries and costs incurred when purchasing, storing and disposing of them. The retrofit cover is fitted with recyclable solar panels that absorb light and use the energy to power your MicroBurst air freshener. These solar panels will reduce landfill costs and of course, have a better impact on our environment. The cells are virtually maintenance free and last a minimum of 15 years, no need for those awkward battery changes! 


LumeCel can easily be fitted into your current Microburst 3000, simply remove the cover and replace it with a LumeCel retrofit cover. I think they look rather stylish, for an air freshener!



 For more information on automated systems and dispensers, including microburst units, take a look at our essential guide to air fresheners.

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