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Understanding the relevance of the pH scale - What your cleaners need to know

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Jun-2015 05:24:00 / by Gary Fage posted in Health & Safety

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Understanding the relevance of the pH scale when carrying out cleaning tasks is vital to anyone that is serious about commercial cleaning

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BICSc London and Home Counties Region – Thames Summer Cruise 2015

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Jun-2015 15:52:00 / by Gary Fage posted in BICSc

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The highlight of the Cleaning Industry calendar, BICSc Summer Thames Cruise organised by London & Home Counties region -  an opportunity to celebrate all things cleaning.

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Site Manager - Instant COSHH Compliance For All Your Sites

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Apr-2015 11:26:00 / by Gary Fage posted in COSHH, COSHH Compliance Software, Jangro Site Manager

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Announcing the Inaugural Meeting of the Cleaning Industry's Premiere Networking Club

[fa icon="calendar'] 13-Mar-2015 10:17:35 / by Phil Smith (Facilicom UK) posted in The Hill Club

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Todays Blog is written by Phil Smith, Corporate Relationship Director with Facilicom UK.

The Hill Club is a new cleaning & soft service related professional networking community. Created by a group of leading industry professionals – drawn from a broad cross section of organisations and disciplines – the club aims to provide a comfortable environment for business people in our industry (or associated with it) to connect and build mutually beneficial commercial relationships.

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CLP - Changes to Cleaning Product Labelling and the effects on COSHH

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Mar-2015 06:01:00 / by Gary Fage posted in COSHH

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From 1st June 2015 all cleaning products will be labelled under the new Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). It is implemented in the EU via the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP Regulations), where previously chemical products were regulated in the UK under CHIP.

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Environmental Cleaning Products are Great if they Actually Work

[fa icon="calendar'] 24-Feb-2015 11:38:35 / by Gary Fage posted in Environment

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There are many considerations to make when choosing environmental cleaning products for a specific application. The W.E.I.R. system is designed to help the user take into account environmental impact issues in their selection process, including raw materials, the manufacturing process and even packaging. 

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Free - Training Video for Cleaning Operatives

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Jan-2015 08:30:00 / by Gary Fage posted in Training

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When considering the introduction of staff training within your own organisation, it is important that you consider the job you are taking on.

For instance, in order for cleaning operatives to properly identify the correct product to use on any given surface, they must have an understanding of why the product cleans, how the product can be applied, how the surface being cleaned can be affected and the standard that can be achieved.

To be able to do this, knowledge of all of the various components that make up an efficient cleaning regime is imperative.

Jangro has recently produced a new DVD called "Training for Results" which contains 7 seperate modules which include the following, Washroom Hygiene, Housekeeping, Kitchen Hygiene, Hard Floor Care, Carpet Cleaning, Health & Safety and Bio Hazards.

The DVD normally sells for £25 but I am giving away one free to the first 50 people who contact me. The offer is only available to residents of the UK from a cleaning related background.

Washroom Training Video, Housekeeping Training Video, Carpet Cleaning Training Video, Kitchen Cleaning Training Video, Hard Floor Training Video, Health & Safety Training Video, Bio-Hazards Training Video.

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How to Freshen Up Office Carpets Quickly

[fa icon="calendar'] 17-Jan-2015 07:35:52 / by Gary Fage posted in Carpet Care, Knowledge Resource

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Wet, cold, dirty – that’s the state of the streets this time of year. It means deep soiling to office and leisure area carpets that’s more difficult to remove come the next scheduled extraction clean. If only there was a way of keeping them looking good a few weeks after a big clean and help reduce time and effort spent on the next one?

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Problems Associated with Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery - Part 2

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-Dec-2014 16:03:00 / by Gary Fage posted in guide, cleaning upholstery, cleaning curtians

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Problems Associated with Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery - Part 1

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-Nov-2014 18:34:00 / by Gary Fage posted in guide, cleaning upholstery, cleaning curtians

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For the average Cleaning Contractor theres a certain mystery surrounding cleaning upholstery and cleaning Curtains, some larger companies will have their own specialist divisions but the majority will contract this out to other companies with the knowledge to undertake this kind of work.

With the help of information provided by Prochem Europe I have attempted to highlight some of the possible upholstery and curtain cleaning problems you are likely to come across and how to address them.


How do I clean suede?
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