How to use a Flat Mopping System

 Welcome to the second edition of my guide to mopping! Yes, we filled up two blogs with infromation on mops! The guide to mopping (part 1) covered the “bundle of strings on the end of a stick” type mops. In this blog we will cover the most interesting (a matter of opinion!) type of mop of all. The flat mop.

A Guide to Mopping: Kentucky Mop, Yankee Mop, Exel, PY or Twine.

 MOP /mɒp
an implement consisting of a bundle of thick loose strings attached to a handle, used for wiping floors or other surfaces.

Well, the dictionary makes mops seem like pretty simple objects. In the cleaning industry they can be found in almost every cleaning cupboard and for frequent cleaning of hard floors, there are very few alternatives to a good old-school mop and bucket. However, you'd be surprised how many alternatives there are out there and how important it can be to stock the right one for you! 

But surely re-stocking your mops can't be THAT complicated, right?

Talking trash- All you need to know about bin liners and refuse sacks!

When it comes to ordering your janitorial supplies its often hard to work out which of the hundreds of options is right for you. Who knew there could be so many varieties of plastic bag!? Even the simplest of decisions can get very complicated, making the wrong one could leave you with a split bag and a pile of waste covering your floor! We want to make your experience as stress free as possible, so we have put together a little guide to bin liners! 

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A Guide to Carpet Care- Part 3: Soil Prevention

Welcome to the final edition of my three part guide to carpet cleaning, click the links to view Part 1 or Part 2Controlling soil is the to Key Commercial Carpet Cleaning. We can consider carpet care in four stages, which if carried out systematically should prolong the useful life of your carpets and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. This is the third part of the blog in which I will deal with preventing soilage and carpet preservation. 

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